About Godfrey Construction

Building on experience.

Today, with over 4,000 units constructed throughout Texas, GCC brings a proven track record to each new project. Our experienced construction team works together with key sub-contractors to expedite project completion. Utilizing the latest technology, GCC delivers optimum levels of communications, security and operations efficiency. Preliminary budgets and job specifications are closely analyzed. Development partners receive frequent updates. GCC works closely with local building departments and utility companies to keep projects on track. Anticipating the requirements of property management helps GCC incorporate that knowledge into the design and build phase of each new project.

John Godfrey, President

John Godfrey has more than 27 years of experience in the construction industry with extensive operational knowledge of residential, commercial and multi family construction. Graduating from Texas A&M in 1985, John has grown from a single family builder to a state wide commercial and multi family builder. John has served on numerous professional, civic and business boards.